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Trends come and go, wee keep looking up to different trends everyday. In the fashion world for instance, sheer is one of the most classy trends to rock, but it isn’t the easiest especially when you are a bit scared to expose too much. The sheer trend remains a statement piece in a woman’s wardrobe, as it’s one of the fashion trends to wear all year and season, but there’s something endlessly chic and timeless about something different from the sheer and that is the black color. Well, before some color gurus start crucifying me here, we are very much aware that black is theoretically not a color, but let’s really get to talk in fashion terms, so try to give us this one guys.

The importance of black outfits in your world cannot be overemphasized, especially when you are that ever daring corporate woman. Going a little further, you’d discover that not only is black easy to wear and combines with pretty much anything, it’s also extremely sophisticated, which makes it an excellent choice for any upcoming party season. Besides, the black outfit creates unique slimness and smartness for those of us looking forward to making this happen in the corporate world. Whichever way you so desire, you can combine it with other colors, not necessary rocking it all black.

Today we are actually set to explore ways of wearing different shades of black and pairing them with other colors. Here are the official ways to rock your black outfits;


Hello World

Shiona Turini

Stella Uzo




Stella Uzo

With a black outfit, you do not need to announce that you are being official; the outfit does the talking!

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