Awesome Ways To Dazzle In Flats Shoes.


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So we’ve been getting a lot of messages from our readers to talk about how to rock flat shoes and still look awesome.

There are so many women that don’t like wearing high heels or any heels at all, most time its for medical or physical reasons whatever it is, there are definitely a lot of stylish foot wear to choose from.

There are so many options you can try out and this include:

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina Flats are best suited with jeans, capri pants and any other pants. They also work well with skirts and dresses especially knee length or midi as they give an easy and stress-less appearance. Also ballerina shoes look really cute on longer skirts since they expose a bit of skin on the top of the foot.

Flat Sandals

Sandals are beautiful and easy and can be really flattering. since for some reason you might not be able to wear flats,  having a collection of flats would definitely be a necessity. so if you walk a lot you would need to get really comfortable pair of sandals that would arch support. if you spend a lot of time close to the water then you would want sandals with rubber sole.

When buying sandals avoid styles that are sporty, bulky or too masculine, go for any colors that you like but make sure to get pair of black, neutral or grey. Embellishment like metallic studs, rhinestones or even floral embellishment so that they can appear dressy.


Loafers are not really for dresses but sometimes they fit perfectly depending on how the outfit is paired. look for classic styles in versatile colors also look for the ones with embellishments, brooches and buckle. when buying loafers stick with colors like red, blue, yellow or color mixtures like red and white and so on, suede loafers is also preferable.

Flat Dress Shoes.

Flat dress shoes unlike the others are not necessarily versatile  but there is an array of beautiful flat dress shoes that come in different forms like ankle strap, peep-toe and open-toe that you can definitely work with.

Sneakers can also be classified as flat shoes as they can be paired with practically anything this days.

Here is an array of gorgeous ladies rocking all kinds of flat shoes which include female derby shoes, sneakers,slippers…

#1. Ballerina Flats.

Here a yellow ballerina flat shoe is paired with a yellow triangle cut play-suit,wine purse and circle dark sun shades.

Flat Dress Shoes

Ballerina Flats Paired with a Yellow play suit.

Hello World


#2. Loafers

Here a black male inspired loafers is paired with black skinny ripped jean, a tank top, a black purse and a black cow boys hat.




#3. Slippers

Here  a brown and cream male inspired slippers is paired with a loose free thin strap blues gown with a perfect pixie hair cut and huge dark sun shades.




#4. Dress Flat Shoe

Here a black dress flat shoe with ribbon embellishments in black and silver is paired with a lovely black pleated full skirt  faux leather artsy top, yellow full chain bag and huge sun shades.

Dress Flat

Dress Flat


#5. Canvas

This high top black canvas with white sole is paired with a baby pink flared skirt, a jean shirt, dark shades and an awesome smile proving that canvas can be rocked in any form now.




#5. This all black ensemble, a black male inspired derby shoe is paired with a black V neck T-shirt, black sweat pants, black sun shades, gold cuff bracelet and brown louis vuitton bag.


Derby Shoes


#6. This Gold derby shoe is paired with a long sleeved V-neck red crop top, paired with a brown flared faux leather skirt with Ankara print detailing.

Gold Derby Shoes

Gold Derby Shoes


#7. The best way to wear sneakers is by pairing it with jeans like the picture below; a high tops all star sneakers paired with ripped jean bum shorts, artsy T shirt and dark sun shades.



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