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There are 5 days in the week that we refer to as the “work week” whic starts from Monday. We do however acknowledge that many people like us work throughout the week but the two remaining days in the week are flexible but working from Monday to Friday in many cases isn’t flexible this leaves you with the thought; “what to wear to work”

“What to wear to work” is a question you ask yourself and when you can’t seem to find the answer you begin to panick most especially when its the morning of work. While you search through your closet trying to figure out the right outfit for work as well as the perfect combination that would get people staring you also remember the need to hurry up because there is no time to waste.

The above situation is the reason why we say prepare for the work weekend during the weekend or pictk out your clothes for the next day the night before, this is because rather than going through a panic attack in the morning because you can’t figure out what to wear, when you pick out your clothes at night there is enough time to choose the one that best reflects your position and personality.

Putting together that outstanding outfit is a good idea but how do you go about it? The answer is INFLUENCE, this keyword would feel you with the urge to achieve something creative. You would be roused up because you too would want to be an influence to someone else.

Without further ado, here are the awe inspiring corporate outfit ideas that we’ve put together for your creative incitement, scroll down to check them out:


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