Hi People!

I love fruits a lot and I know you do too, but I think the degree of my likeness is higher than

You could see a cheap basket of fruits on the way and decide to buy, since opportunity comes but once. It becomes very challenging noticing you can’t finish them fast or share with friends and family due to your tight schedule. You could also be into fruit business and want to make sales fast but due to one reason or the other, things don’t go the way you wished. It’s also possible you could not refrigerate them.

It becomes more annoying seeing that these fruits later go bad, not because of heat, but simply because of one extremely annoying fruit fly. You see those awkward scars on your fruits and only when you begin to think they just end on the skin or peels, you find them inside too. Disgusting I guess. There shouldn’t be thousands of fruit flies before any damage can occur.


Hello World

Well, I’m on a mission to helping you attack those fruit flies fast. Do the following and you won’t have cause to worry;

1.Trap fruit flies: Lure the fruit flies into the trap with a small opening, making it difficult for them to exit, add a sweet bait like a piece skinless fruit to attract them, then cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, making it as tight as possible. Set this trap in a fly infested area.

2. Kill with sprays: Spray a very strong alcohol to saturate any of the fruit fly eggs. This serves as a very strong disinfectant and kills them speedily too.

3. Get rid of eggs: Figure out where they are breeding, carefully store your produce, wash your waste receptacles, clean your drain, wipe down your kitchen surface and throw out other potential breeding sources.

4. Ensure that fruit flies don’t return: by regularly inspecting your fruits discarding any bad fruit since you could bring fruit flies from eggs or from the market and use screens to cover your doors and windows.

5. Eliminate all sources of attraction and breeding: Do not leave ripened fruits like tomato, banana or onion exposed. Refrigerate them until the mission of getting rid of fruit flies is accomplished.

Trust me, this mission is possible!

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