Aso ebi Styles : Instagram Trend Over The Weekend Pt2


Hey Ladies wondering what styles to wear or how to rock your Aso ebi this weekend.?

Over the weekend some of us went for one event or the other like weddings, naming ceremonies etc, so we at fashion police got around and combined some aso ebi styles you would want to try. Below are some fabulous Aso ebi attires that might give your appearance a boom this weekend.




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This jumpsuit worn by Mercy Aigbe is proof that there is almost no style you can’t achieve with the ankara fabric. it comes to life with a simple gold chain jewelry for the neck, a red purse and a red pair of pumps. the actress who is known for her glamorous style works this jumpsuit with a gorgeous invisible pattern hairstyle and the perfect smile. this indeed is a rock able Aso ebi style anytime any day.


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The ankara skirt is combined  with a nude colored turtle neck top with black bead accessory, gold bracelet and a nude colored shoe which flows nicely with the gorgeous channel purse. To finish this look the ankara is used as a Gele.


This off shoulder golden colored lace dress, with a pink scarf as head gear  is the perfect aso ebi attire for weddings,  paired with a gold purse and gorgeous statement jewelry, its indeed a show stopper.


This ensemble is bold and colorful, the mixture of the turquoise blue Gele and pink body flattering lace dress makes it daring. The simple silver jewelry tunes down the color as it blends in with the attire.



Here the peach lace six piece dress  is combined with a simple black purse, dark peach scarf, perfect make-up and a beautiful smile if you want your Aso ebi to be simply chic.

Stylish actress Fathia Williams ( Balogun ) is working this  ankara dress with brown lace details and beautiful blond braids and simple jewelry.  you could decide to work your Aso ebi with blond braids this weekend too.


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This red lace dress with golden shimmers is gorgeous as it accentuates the body. it comes alive with a Silver stud brooch in place of a neck piece, silver earrings and a simple silver purse. Completing this look is a beautifully tied blue gele which gives it a cool dramatic look. Definitely the perfect Aso ebi style to rock to a wedding this weekend.



Here the style is “keeping it simple” this beautiful lace front slit dress is simple and chic, worn with a simple metalic bracelet and a full finger ring, finished up with beautiful pair of sandal heels. Now this makes for a cool way to style your Aso ebi if you want to blend with the crowd.11143044_413638478797240_286493219_n


This strapless double yoke gown is paired with a statement neck piece accessory and bracelets

This beautiful lace gown, sewn in two different  colors  is worn with a multiple colored peach and green scarf that puts the B in beautiful. it is worn with simple gold accessories and a simple purse.



“colour me purple”, This purple dress is simple and beautiful as it flatters the body and gives it a $3xy look with the sweetheart cut.

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Pink and black is always a beauty. This sheer lace dress with stud details at the neck is made complete with the fuscia  head gear.

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Beautiful French lace dressses paired with  statement blue bead accessories and blue gele’s with stud detailing.


This beautiful yellow mono- strap dress with intricate lace detailing is worn without neck jewelry but paired instead with a beautiful earring with blue details, a blue scarf and purse.

Aso ebi styles


This blue lace dress with its intricate cuts moves to another dimension as it has a train attached to the back finished off with a head gear and simple jewelry this look is definitely a stand out look at any occasion.


This lace dress is worn beautifully with this multiple colored head gear with simple silver earrings and a silver metallic purse finished off with gorgeous multiple colored sandals.



This mono strap ankara dress is dramatic, and edgy  and is made complete with simple jewelry.


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