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The Aso-Oke is a Yoruba traditional cloth that has spread across Nigeria, however we must recognize that the TIV people of Benue also use the Aso-Oke albeit a different name however the patterns are woven differently and the texture differs but we still have to recognize the dual originality of the fabric of the year.

In previous aso-oke inspired post, we’ve talked extensively about the nature of the fabric, today, however we would be focusing on the use of the fabric for traditional weddings.

The traditional wedding in Nigeria is the major wedding and this means the couples as well as the guest are dressed in traditional inspired pieces. For many brides and grooms especially those who are descendants of the Yoruba tribe, the use of the aso-oke is tantamount to showing off the culture.

For brides however its more of a thing of pride and beauty to look extra special in an aso-oke therefore the budding aso oke business. This days the aso-oke’s are dazzled with studs, floral embroidery, beads and all types of embellishment to make it come alive.

If you are about to get married then I believe you need some aso-oke bridal inspiration and we have a lot for you to be inspired by…


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These aso-oke bridal inspirations are the bomb!!! What do you think? Which of these styles captured your heart? Tell us in the comment section below.

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