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Aso ebi is the oldest and most valuable type of Africa attire. In Nigeria, Aso-ebi is a Yoruba phrase meaning “uniformed solidarity dress.” It is famous clothing in Nigeria which has an obvious origin in the Yoruba culture. It is one of the cultural traditions that has forced its ways into the corporate and enlightened world. It originally refers to matching fabrics worn by family members during ceremonies and social events in Nigeria where there is dancing, singing, storytelling and many others. They are very popular in many African countries.

Aso ebi is a Yoruba phrase and the Yoruba people lives in the coastal regions of south western Nigeria. Currently, everybody in Nigeria knows the meaning of the term ‘Aso ebi’ regardless of their ethnicity. The Yoruba ethnic group is changing gradually to become an integral part of Nigerian culture with Aso ebi evolving as a cultural practice as family members and friends use the same fabric to produce the attire for ease of identification.

The Aso ebi culture is a beautiful concept by the Yoruba people used to signify oneness and unity amongst a particular family at events celebrated by one of their family member. Most especially at weddings as weddings then was not just about the bride and groom but its about the coming together of two families. There are very few weddings or parties that a particular cloth is not selected for attendees to wear. So, every weekend, they traverse different parties with their towering headgear and aso ebi which is why we have got this Aso ebi lookbook for you…

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