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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy and Jill a dulling girl. After working from 9-5 or in the case of many jobs in Nigeria 7-7 all you end up doing is going home which would probably take you another three to four hours to get to depending on where you live and crash landing on the bed, with all your clothes on. By the next day you wake up as early as 4:00am and you are back again, another day of hustle.

The only time we let ourselves breath is during the weekend and although we don’t go out every weekend or at least some of us don’t go out every weekend; when we receive an invitation to attend a party we are excited, this is because a party reminds us that we are have a semblance of a “life”.

Somehow we are giddy, because we know we won’t go to a party to talk about work, that’s what boring people do, rather we would go there to dance have fun and let loose. While the thought of a party excites us and gets super mesmerized, somewhere in our head is the question “what am I going to wear?”

Figuring out what to wear is another problem all on its own, but it shouldn’t be anymore as we’ve got you covered. Assuming that you got an invitation to attend a traditional themed party, we’ve collated some aso ebi styles we think you shouldn’t miss.

Now you just have to scroll down to check them out, not to worry this shouldn’t take long but we guarantee that you would find something you can wear to that “Owambe”


Hello World

Erica Awini

In Funke Adepoju

Gbemi Sowunmi




House of Borah


Iysha Couture

Kennies Gram

Kreamy Keejs Skincare

Kulu Abuja

Lola Sav



Rose Lima

Style Connoisseur

Togina Fashion

In Fashion Adepoju

Ceo Luminee Official

Jackiex Amadi

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