The standard of aso ebi is that there is no standard there is just “Make sure” you look absolutely fantastic. As a Nigerian you most be aware of the fact that you have to harbour your aso eb style in mind months before you have to attend the event. The interesting thing about this is that you allow yourself a rope for creativity. An example is that you constantly think of ideas to make a style you’ve seen look even better. Whether you need to add that additional sway or there is a need for tassels, once you have an aso ebi style in mind adjustment becomes easy and adjustment is equal to creativity.

We recommend that you take a look at these aso ebi styles as they would guide you through this weekend…


Hello World








For the aso ebi styles it’s all about playing around with proportion, equating how attractive you want to be with the type of style you want and playing around with attachments and accessories. Without understanding this, your look might end up bland and basic and that isn’t something you want.

So take another look at the styles that are available to you above, they offer you a look into the latest aso ebi styles and you could pick and choose which one you would love to recreate.

Be Inspired!

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