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Traditional weddings are the perfect excuse to wear your most creative and festive outfit. After receiving the aso ebi package-the one that contains all the essentials you need for the wedding; what happens next is what you make out of it.

The most important thing to remember when trying to find the right style for the fabric is that you should look cool and classic but not enough to distract eyes from the bride. While you are trying to respect the bride, you should still have a keen eyes for details.

Depending on whether you want a warm or hot look, additions like Jewel stone, sequin, satin, velvet are cute accessories and trimmings that you can attach to your fabric to give it more zest. You’ll also want to keep the heaviness/weight of the fabrics in mind so that the style doesn’t becomes too heavy for you to walk around.

Since we are in a period where the rains is supposed to be on break we can most likely get away with floor length pieces but then again if you are someone who likes the floor length styles then you should attempt to do something a bit more knee length or just below the knee (vice-versa).

Remember, dressing for a traditional wedding is all about looking elegant while keeping it cool and put together and so making sure that your aso ebi style is not only glam but breathable.

Here are the aso ebi styles to inspire you this week:


Hello World

















Twinkly Blue

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