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What does it mean to be stylish? A stylish person is someone who is valiant when it comes to fashion and style. Whenever a stylish person walks into the room they seem like they are the best dressed, they always look like they just rolled out of the latest edition of vogue or some other magazine.

A stylish person isn’t bound by any fashion rule or guide that would disrupt their creativity, rather they live with quotes that would inspire them to aim higher.

“Keep your heels, head and standards high” – Coco Chanel

No one need’s to tell you that Coco Chanel was a stylish person, she built one of the biggest fashion empires the world has ever seen all because she decided to be different and follow her creative sense.

People say being different is a bad thing, but not standing out is actually whats bad for you. Opportunity comes knocking because you appear different in that situation. While we are alike most of the time, we must strive to find our uniqueness and one of the ways people have stood out is through their sense of style.

While fashion promotes unity, it also gives way for individuality all you need to do is find out how best your individuality can work to your own advantage.

Fashion in Nigeria basically comprises of the aso ebi and the Ankara fashion which is majorly for uniformity, but in other to stand out you must do something different with what you have been given.

If you are ready to take charge of your originality then these aso ebi styles are enchanting enough to help you make a difference;


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At parties your aim should be look good and have a good time and you can only achieve both if your outfit is super enchanting. Aso ebi styles like these would make you stand out, in a good way.

Here’s a contemporary quote to further buttress what we are trying to tell you “Don’t be afraid of being different be afraid of being like everyone else”.

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