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The wedding season is upon us, according to statistics a lot of people fix their weddings around this time of the year, the reasons are numerous but mostly its done this way because the rain is a little less aggressive and the weather is beautiful on sunny days.

Due to the wedding rush this season, you would be bothered because your calendar would keep buzzing and thus the question of what to wear to all this events would keep your mind busy.

Dressing for a wedding is tricky when you are going for something more western and formal but when it comes to weddings in Nigeria, the aso ebi fabric comes to the rescue.

Having an aso ebi package is something that Nigerians are now used to and thus people just send out funds to the celebrants to get theirs.

After the aso ebi package has reached you, the next problem you would have would be the choice on the right style. Because its a fabric that a lot of people might be wearing, the idea of standing out weighs on your mind the most. Its fun dressing up alike, but not so much if you end up sinking into the background.

Admittedly, a wedding ceremony in Nigeria is somewhat of a fashion lay house, where the best of the best can be found and being part of the next can be a bit daunting when you have no clue on what to wear.

This is where we come in, as part of our Monday ritual I’ve gathered a lot of aso ebi styles for your viewing pleasure;


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