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The secret to finding the best wedding look has little to do with the fabric and more to do with the style. While a fabric holds importance, the style itself is what brings the fabric to life, giving forth a look that people would be excited to see and mimic.

A wedding scene in many African countries is a playground for the most fashionable; while the idea that courses through our mind is to attend the ceremony and celebrate with the newly weds the reality is quite different.

In the real world while we are busy prepping for the ceremony, at the fore front of our minds is the knowledge of SLAYING at the event that we would be attending. This truth is what makes us take the pain and pleasure that comes with looking for the best styles.

Since a general fabric is used during weddings in Nigeria, style directors and creators have to work harder in creating a fantastic and authentic design for their client.

The fabric that is given as an aso ebi can be intensely colorful, filled with intriguing themes and patterns or it could be bland ordinary and uninspiring.

Wherever you find yourself material wise, this aso ebi inspirations would showcase you in the best light… Let these aso ebi styles inspire you today:


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There’s a chance you would find some excellent aso ebi styles you can re-brand. Be Inspired!!

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