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The aso ebi revolution is something else, first we all know how important it is to get the aso ebi package (it’s a show of support) secondly we are aware of how important what we sew with the aso ebi really is. Let’s not mind the simple fact that it’s not our wedding, getting the aso ebi package and sewing a fabulous style is a must.

We Lagosains, I take that back, we Nigerians do the most this days weddings are for show, and if you are a wedding guest with a terrible aso ebi then PLEASE please don’t post your pictures on social media because the bride might even ask you to take it down especially if you use the wedding hashtag e.g #nkoj2017.

Weddings are exciting but it would be an error if you look like the least dressed and that is why you must put in effort and make sure to get the asoebi package. The package always contain the gele which could be made from aso-oke, damask or any other gele fabric and then it might contain the Ankara or lace fabric which is the asoebi.

The lace fabric is about the most popular asoebi choice right now, it has always been popular but there was a limitation, back then people would rather go with the Ankara than the lace, now there’s more demand for the lace fabric because they come in so many beautiful patterns and deigns.

There are different types of lace, you’ve got the alencon, the guipure and the Chantilly lace, some others I can’t remember. If your asoebi package happen to involve lace then am thinking you might need some asoebi styles: lace inspiration.

See the asoebi styles: lace you can try out below;

Hello World









These aso ebi lace styles are BEA… Don’t you think so? Tell us in the comment section below.

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