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“Saturdays are for wedding, Sundays are for rest” that’s one of the popular contemporary lifestyle quotes that ring true for most of us. There is always one activity or the other and it usually isn’t only weddings that happen on Saturdays, there are also naming ceremonies, burial ceremonies, luncheons, exhibitions you name it…

While there might be tons of activities, majority of these activities are traditional based, what this means is that these activities are native to us here in such a way that we wear our native wear; the famous aso ebi.

The “family cloth” as it is pronounced in English is a long standing traditions that was popularized and heralded by the Yoruba people of western and south western Nigeria. This tradition slowly found it’s way into other cultures which made it become a full blown Nigeria trend.

These days the aso ebi is not only worn by families but friends of the families as well. The message that the aso ebi carries is very simple “support” at least that’s what it means this day’s. In times past it was more for “uniformity” than anything.

Following the aso ebi tradition is such an exciting trip, you get to embody your culture while you SLAY.

One tremendous fact that we ought to note is that the aso ebi style is slowly becoming a global movement; Nigerians abroad are helping this fact along, as you see them in their aso ebi’s rocking it with their gele’s. Many even get their European friends to join in the trend.

The aso ebi culture is as fabulous as it is fascinating and so without further ado I present to you aso ebi styles for the party poppers;


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These are the aso ebi styles for party poppers be inspired!

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