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While dressing up is so much fun, when it comes to getting ready for a wedding ceremony, you might find that you are a little bit perplexed. Time after time you would find yourself wondering and asking, where would I wear this to after the wedding? or Can I even wear this to another event? etc.

We have built a world where we buy an aso ebi fabric, sew a fabulous style and then dump it with the rest of the lots we don’t want to wear again. Such behavior however, can be seen as being wasteful.

While we are fashion queens and we love to slay in the latest trends, when it comes to our style and what we sew we must consider that, everyday is not Christmas, sometimes we should and need to sew aso ebi styles we can wear else wear.

As a fashion queen its likely that you would be exposed to different types of styles that you may find irresistible, and this may even be on a daily basis. its also likely that you would save a lot of images and most likely not get around to sewing them, why? Well, simply because another day comes with another set of style.

In order not to be stuck in a style cave its important to be a bit more discerning with your style choice; We’ve put together a fabulous aso ebi styles look book. These aso ebi styles can be refashion for naming ceremonies, house warming parties, Sunday service, introduction ceremony etc…


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Be Inspired!!!

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