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How was your weekend? Well Saturday was a rainy day in Lagos but that didn’t stop a lot of us “party goers from attending one event or the other, at least in the evening anyways since there was no movement during the earlier hours of the day. While many of us were stuck in our house for the good part of Saturday, other people in other states were having a good time, attending birthday parties, wedding ceremonies. child dedication etc.

Well it didn’t matter about where you were that day, what matters is the fact that a lot of people were still able to pull off their best looks despite whatever situation they ran into.

This Monday, we would be showcasing the best aso ebi styles that we’ve seen on the gram… These aso ebi styles are a reminder that we are constantly on display at ceremonies and we need to always bring our A-game. Its important to note that if you are not slaying at the weddings or whatever other event you attend then you are not moving with the right crowd.

For your next owambe, these aso ebi styles would come in handy, it would remind you that you need to show what it means to be a fashion forward woman in Lagos. Now lets all drop our tea cups and check out this aso ebi styles because they are pipping hot.


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Yes loves, I told you they were hot, and I hope they serve as a guide for your next party…

There’s always that one style that we find fascinating above all, that one style that stands out in our mind, well darlings why don’t you share your perfect aso ebi styles from the above look book in the comment section below. Tell us why you found it attractive. Lets get this conversation popping.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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