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There are different types of style, some borders on simple, some classic, some charming etc but today we are here to show you the styles that are celebratory. As a fashion forward woman, every style you create or re-create is as a result of how comfortable you are rocking that look.

Many of us are very simple, and we go for the simple and classy things, however some of us feel that parties are the best place to be as loud as you can get. While having a loud sense of style is not such a bad thing and you can actually create cool looks, it is actually best to curtail the “loudness” a bit so as not to offend anyone.

My problem with those who lean towards exaggerated styles is this; many of this people don’t know when to stop, they don’t know when they have gone from fashion to a complete mess. One must always remember this fashion quote when putting an attire together;

“Emphasize the best, and Minimize the rest” Katherine Hamnett 

When one part of your outfit is extremely obvious, what should follow is a minimized addition, whether when it comes to the jewelry or accessory etc.

Since most times the loudest styles can be seen during wedding ceremonies, we’ve decided to compile a collection of latest aso ebi styles that we found on Instagram. These aso ebi styles are as celebratory as they come but they are easy on the eyes too, so check them out;


Hello World








@ms_edem @miss_basseyadie


Whats your take on these celebratory aso ebi styles? Lets know what you think, leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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