Aso-Ebi Style – How to choose a good Aso-Ebi.


As Africans,especially Nigerians,choosing an aso-ebi has become an integral part of our event. Hardly would you attend a wedding,burial,birthday,dedication etc and the family members and friends aren’t in uniform. Its a raving trend and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. This one has come to stay.

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Therefore,choosing the best Aso-ebi design/fabric for your event is very important. The quality or type of cloth can determine if certain kind of people will attend your event. Very true! Sometimes,the aso-ebi is either too cheap or expensive or its not up to a certain level of quality. Choosing the best isn’t an easy job and you must be willing to go through the stress and everything it entails.
When choosing an aso-ebi you have to have somethings in mind. Most importantly,you want people to appreciate your fashion style in your choice. Let people see yours and want to copy it for their event. It can either be in ankara,lace,guinea or any fabric that attracts you.
Quality is top of the list. No matter how cheap or expensive your aso-ebi is,people want quality. They want something that can last them long after the event has come and gone. Ninety percent of guest who come to an event still want to wear the aso-ebi to another event or a different kind of function. Nobody will buy your aso-ebi if it’s quality is nothing to write about. So,in choosing,go for quality.
Colour is also very important,most time an event has a theme. You have to choose a colour that matches your theme. There are colours in vogue,there are some that shouldn’t be worn during certain seasons. Therefore, you have to know which colour blends with which and which colour matches your style and above all,a colour that is in trend.
Finally,you might think this isn’t important,but it carries weight itself. Why? Some people won’t show up at your event if the aso-ebi is too expensive. Of course,they want to celebrate with you,they want to honour you,but if they can’t afford it,they won’t show up. So,your price is also important.
Overall,make a choice of quality over quantity,select a good colour and make your price affordable.


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