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One thing you would definitely notice in today’s weddings are the Aso ebi squad. You can never miss them as they never go unnoticed, they put in their best to look good and they are usually the life of the party. They come in groups, beautifully dressed and with so much elegance in them.

We can’t but really appreciate the Aso ebi squad for their efforts, from their well-detailed outfits to their stunning make-up to their sparkling shoes and bags and to the well-put together looks.

Interestingly, these Aso ebi squad have refined the definition of Asoebi, now it involves a wide range of materials depending on the type of weddings as it ranges from lace, to cord or even sequin and of course, the colourful Ankara. Never to wear the same style, the Aso ebi squad have overtime become fashion enthusiasts that we look out for at weddings or even on social media.

The festive celebration full of joy, happiness, and fun is incomplete without the display of high Aso Ebi fashion styles by the squad on such occasions which is why we’ve got these look-book for you.

Here  are some Aso ebi squad outfit inspirations you should try out…


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Which of these squad outfits would you love to try on with your squad? Be sure to share it with us in the comment box.

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