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I love this quote “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Frau Feuerameise says “my eyes are my favourite part of me not for how they look; but for how they see”. It’s always very important what we feed our eyes, mentally and fashion wise.

As a fashion girl it’s very important that we see and understand the meaning of beauty. It’s also very important that we allow our eyes to peruse exciting and new things. As a fashion girl one of the things you should note is that the styles you feed with your eyes are what stimulates you to be able to create your own masterpiece.

Your eyes are the source of your inspiration, whatever you see stirs up a broth so good that when it’s done all those around you would stand and admire. They don’t just admire because they want to admire; they admire because their eyes can see and it tells them how beautiful your outfit looks and this beauty registers in their brains enough for them to want to create their own work of art.

Now you can see that it is a circle and thus it is your obligation to constantly break the bond and maintain a creative balance. It’s important that you just don’t see fashion as something to do but something that stirs up a feeling of accomplishment, love and all that good stuff.

We here at madivas are fashion people and we believe that eye contact is much more intimate than words and so we’ve decided to create this asoebi gallery.

Our aso ebi gallery consist of artistic aso ebi styles that are too beautiful to pass off, we believe that once your eyes meet these aso ebi styles, nothing can stop the boost of inspiration you can get from it.


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These are the styles in the aso ebi gallery we believe you need to see, check them out below;

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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