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One thing that the tailors of our time are good for is designing native wears. Our native wear in Nigeria is our pride and joy, it tells us and reminds us of who we are and it is as important to us as a people. Our native wear is worn to parties that are traditionally and culturally inspired.

Parties are generally accepted in every part of the country, Nigerians like to celebrate and so people throw parties for different reasons, there’s the house warming party, there’s the wedding party, the naming ceremony, child dedication I could go on and on. All of these parties have one thing in common and it’s called the “aso ebi”. The families and friends always pick a cloth (aso ebi) to wear, this way they would stand out from the rest of the invitees.

A few years back our aso ebi style choices were limited to simple iro and buba or two wrapper made with plain aso oke, Ankara, George or lace. Many tailors and fashion designers must have thought that this was simply too archaic and boring and so down the line we began to see some incredible aso ebi designs.

When it comes to designing or creative something unique it’s always best to leave it to people who are naturally creative and this is what happened. These naturally creative people stormed the aso ebi world and began to bring out aso ebi designs that were thought provoking, some of these designs was so good that we had to take a closer look at the intricate details.

Now, we have got amazing aso ebi designs popping up on the gram every weekend, weekdays included. These aso ebi designs always have our mouth agape. While everyone might be on the gram it’s impossible to follow everybody but that’s why we are here, we make sure we explore and bring you incredible aso ebi designs that you can choose from.

You would definitely like the styles below;


Hello World


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Yomi Shabi


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