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Mascara is one beauty product that can turn your face around in seconds and the application can be a bit cumbersome for a lot of people as it tends to be clumpy most times. How do you conquer your upper and lower lashes like a pro? Below are tricks and tips that would get you there;

Tips and Tricks

1. Bend the brush of your mascara in order to be able to actively reach ares that are hard to reach, like the tiny hairs under the inner corner of your eyes.

2. Before you use your mascara, smoothly slide the brush over a clean paper towel or napkin to remove excesses and clumps

3. Twist the brush back and forth at the base of your eyelashes and then brush the tip, this would keep your lashes curled longer.

4. For long lasting and easier removal of your mascara, use your regular mascara and then coat it with your water proof mascara.

5. For thin eyelashes, daub both sides of your lashes by alternating between them, looking up and down in order to thicken them.

6. Hold the brush vertically for a more natural finish and horizontally if you want them to look thicker.

7. To De-clump your mascara, soak the tube in a cup or bowl of hot water.

8. To apply mascara neatly at the bottom of your eyelashes, get a spoon and place it underneath your eyes coat the lower lashes using a small downward stroke then add a second coat for thickness.

9. To remove mascara sport, wait for it to dry then use a cotton swap and reel till it comes off.

10. To de-clump use a clean tooth brush to comb through starting from the bottom to the tip.


De-Clumped Lashes

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With this trick, am sure you would become a pro in no time and then your lashes would look like the model’s above, neat, trim and clean.

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What do you think about this tips and tricks, is it apply able or not? Leave all comments in the comment box below.

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