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Its the weekend and am super excited because I’ve got so much to do, if you are like me then you are probably thinking “what am I going to wear today”. I am a fashion girl and as a fashion girl I understand what it entails to be creative and un-creative. There are days that I wake up and I have a hang on what I want to wear and there are times when I just piece one or two things together just because I’ve got no styling clue.

Style is not something you learn, style is something that is within you, it is a choice of being able to pick thing that jut sits well with you. Style is about your personality and reference which is supposed to make you feel comfortable and fabulous. Therefore if I am going to an event this evening, I want something that doesn’t just speak to me but also makes me feel good and radiant.

Choosing the right style is based on your taste like I said and therefore if you are going to go out these weekend then I think just like me you need to be inspired with these Ankara styles.

These Ankara styles are the go to choice; first wearing them means you are proud of your african heritage and secondly you want to be identify with the symbol of your culture and heritage and it doesn’t hurt that these Ankara styles are just too amazing.

Lets scroll down to check out some of these Ankara styles that we believe you would most certainly love because they speak to you;


Hello World


Empress Njamah

Karen All



Love! Love!! Love!!!

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