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Talk of Africa and one of the first things that comes to your mind is Ankara styles. Africa prides herself in her popular material print called Ankara.

The world of African fashion is intense and exciting. Watching the African fashion making impact across the world got my heart beating in excitement. These days we look through the various social media platforms at the beautiful, beautiful Ankara creations to style.

Ankara styles are like the kids you always wanted, except for one thing, they are not disciplined. By this what we mean is although we all love our bright and bold colors, there are no trend and style setters within this admiration of what we call African fashion.

It just takes a little creativity to interpret these styles for your Ankara fabrics. Ankara, the local African fabric is so wildly popular because it is so incredibly versatile as it can take almost any style.

Somehow Ankara fabric can be interpreted to suit your taste. However, the beauty of the Ankara lies in the style. This being that you can have a beautiful material but if the style is messed up, you won’t like it again. Hence, you must choose beautiful and befitting styles for you which is why we’ve got this Ankara styles to glam you up this week…


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Which of these Ankara styles is your favourite? Be sure to share with us in the comment box.

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