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There’s this inner fire that makes us have the burning desire to focus and inspect our appearance. We consider a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror of a car or a restaurant etc to checkout how well we look.

Why do we have this desire? why do we want to feel that our appearance is hard to ignore? That we are irresistible based off on how we look. In truth we have identified that the phrase “Looking good is good business” isn’t just ordinary words strung together, rather each words holds true meaning to how the people around us react based off on our appearance and thus we love to make a good impression.

Asides from the need to make a good impression, we also experience an emotional sensation when someone tells us that we look good or perhaps we find ourselves on the feed of some popular Instagram blogs and fashion site’s which translate the fact that indeed all effort we put into appearing nice was truly worth it and then we realize that we are also inspiring others just by the simple fact of putting together the perfect look. This feeling is overwhelmingly good and to feel it again we put in much more effort into our net look.

The cycle of life thus continues and we grow with every piece that we put together but sometimes we need a little help and sometimes it comes to us but most time checking out styles from people just as fabulous as we are helps us to achieve the goal which is “Feeling Good”.

This week we believe that you can “Feel good” in Ankara and so here’s a gallery of some of the best Ankara styles on Instagram;


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What are your thoughts, did this Ankara styles make you gasp as much as we hoped? I bet it did, now its time to take your Ankara styles to the next level by re-creating the looks above. Don’t forget that personality is the final ingredient to your overall appearance.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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