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Once upon a time it was pretty common to see women convert the Ankara fabric into what we term ‘Blouse & Wrapper’ but that was once upon a time, the main focus of Ankara now isn’t just the styles our mothers were comfortable with, we millennial’s have something  more creative that we have moved up on.

Creativity is such a powerful tool and it fuels the world. Everyone is creative in their field and why we all do this is because we have a strong desire for something simple or something different and easy on the eye and so every generation have ways in which they can relate to certain things, for the generation Z and Millennial’s African cultural pieces like the Ankara are poised in very attractive ways.

Now that we wear the Ankara more religiously, we ought to also put the same effort into thinking up attractive styles. To start your week off we are suggesting some Ankara styles that are simply the bomb! These Ankara styles are most certainly something that would offer you a lift from your ordinary look to something a bit more spicy.

If you find that you need a little bit of spice in your life then keep scrolling through to see the Ankara styles we’ve selected just for you…

Bomb ANKARA Styles | Guide-Book


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