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“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be”

As someone who spent most of her life in a uniform, it was not surprising that I couldn’t wait to get out into the world. Then I used to admire the way people dressed in the magazines and  I would imagine that I was one of these people. Magazines like Vogue, Genevieve, True-Love, Encomium, Elle, In-style and show’s like “video fashion” was were I could bury myself in, looking at pieces and trying to understand how they were created.

It was whilst I was super engrossed in how fashion creativity and trends worked that I realized it was an art and only a few people were privy to the talent.

There was always an emotion that came with looking good that I didn’t understand and that feeling was part of the driving force of my interest in fashion.

Time past, I grew older with a keen sense of style, yes life was and is not perfect but no matter how simple I choose to look I always want it to be perfect.

When you are immersed in the trends, you have an eye for certain things; one of the things I caught on to was the delicate use of the Ankara fabric. The material was used for all types of styles and accessories, the aim of the slow sprinkle was to captivate the minds of Nigerians into the versatility of the fabric.

Now, 2017 those little drops have become a mighty ocean of divert creative styles; the Ankara fabric has finally broken the chained rhythm and now there is a flow of Ankara styles all around the globe.

Its spring time in most part of the world, here we call it the wet season… This time signifies growth, freshness and colors and so this is the best time of the year to show case Ankara styles that inventive.



Hello World

@keeping_up_with_tam_ @mwendeskouture





Kaba dress

Le vent en poupe


Zynell Zuh




Which of these Ankara styles are you inspired by? Tell us in the comment section down below…

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