You want to dress high status, you have to also pay attention to the internal aspect – this is just something to note as high status look’s also come with classy behaviour. Women always aim for perfection but classy women understand that there is no such thing rather there’s growth and progress and each step of the way they keep getting better at learning how to be sophisticated. Wearing the appropriate attire translate your “classy” feeling to visuals.

Let’s take a look at some of the Ankara styles that keep you classy while celebrating the African Culture;

Yass! A suit made from the Ankara fabric? Yes please, this look is sophisticated and sleek depending on how well you can pull it off.


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Denim always come in handy because they mix beautifully with almost every fabric. This Ankara smoking top paired with a denim wrap skirt gives off a glam vibe.


Ankara prints aren’t just made from cotton fabrics alone, this silk print made into a collared shirt dress is one of the reasons why we appreciate the silk African print.


To take your Ankara skirt to the next level, there have to be some defining attribute. This Ankara skirt is defined by the gathers attachment.


Like the above, skirts cannot be ordinary- this print skirt looks incredible thanks to the tie-high slit and ruffle attachments.


Just like skirts, dresses have to be well sewn, well cut with a distinguished look. This dress here not only has a puffy sleeve it also has a curved helm and a wrap detail.


Yet another dress with a distinctive detail; this pink dress is timeless with its spiraled collar and sleeve- making it an artistic finish.


Be Inspired!

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