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Ankara styles are just amazing aren’t they? Yes darlings they are especially when you see them on people who know how to rock them well.

Fashion is random, every one can get into the game but style is very different from fashion, style has to do with who you are as a person, it has to do with your nature, what you find fascinating and creative.

The Ankara styles fashion has been a mystery for a while, some people have been unable to obtain what they refer to as the true mastery of the staple however while this fashion might seem mysterious to some its easy breezy to those individuals who have a knack for creativity.

Who are these people who have a knack for creativity? Why, the fashion designers of cause.

Its been known that Ankara styles as mainstream fashion was propelled to the top by the creative directors and designers who understood the fabric. These set of people made sure to create and illustrate styles that appealed to the general population.

It is thanks to these first pioneers that we are now privy to the best when it comes to Ankara styles… There are new fashion designers that have emerged thanks to the opening of this pioneers, one of  this creatives that prioritize the use of Ankara is CHEN BURKETT…

Chen Burkett who has roots in Ghana, Antigua and Britain has used her familial influence to create an indigenous and vibrant aesthetics that have bridged gaps. With the use of rich and vivid African print she creates amazing pieces, showcasing uniqueness.

Lets take time out to see some of the fabulous Ankara styles she has in her collection;

Ankara Dress

Hello World

Ankara Top

Ankara Maxi Skirt

Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress

Ankara Flare Skirt

Ankara Skater Skirt

Ankara Dress

Ankara Calve Length Skirt

Ankara Maxi Skirt

Ankara Mix Combo

Be Inspired!!

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