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How’s your attitude? Did you know that the way your comportment and composure is what makes way for you? Well if you didn’t know now you know. The right stance in life can take you places, for example having a impassive behavior towards the way you dress isn’t going to make people attracted to you. Don’t forget that impression matters a lot, you can’t excel if your impression is that of a lazy and uninterested person.

For us African girls both at home and in diaspora (especially in the diaspora) our stance concerning fashion and beauty is something that we’ve struggled with for a long time. However, times have changed, things are becoming better and now that we have the opportunity, making a mark wherever we are and wherever we go is our utmost priority.

The fastest way to stand out is with the African print fabric and that’s why we have Ankara styles inspiration to make you see that you can own your identity and still be stylishly attractive. The African print fabric can be worn to all types of places; events, ceremonies, work etc however what we have here is Ankara style inspiration for a casual day because yes! it can also be worn casually.

These Ankara styles inspiration are for the girl with an attitude; the girl with the composure to be fierce, happy and content. Check them out below…


Hello World






Gosh! there’s so much to like but a girl has to choose her favorite… Whats your favorite? Tell us in the description box below.

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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