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The fashion world is always spinning and we move according to the new direction each time, these days the fashion state in Nigeria is moving towards the direction of Ankara. The Ankara of cause is lit! The fabric as we all know has fantastic features that make it worthwhile.

We’ve always sold the Ankara fabric as a cultural must, and this somehow takes away from the essence of its beauty. Life is all about rainbows and sunshine, that is if you choose to see it that way and one way the Ankara has always stood out is through its motifs.

Haven’t you ever wondered what some of these motifs and patterns meant? Well I believe that the designers of each fabric had painted a picture based on the environment. If you look at some of these fabrics you would see the clear difference in the patterns, you can tell that whoever drew the motifs got stimulated based on what they saw.

The eyes is the window to the soul and the eyes is what feeds our senses, humanbeings have been tuned to love what resonates with them and so your choices of Ankara fabric also has a lot to do with your personality (except in the case where it was picked by someone else as asoebi).

If you go for the popular one’s like stars, peacocks, spiral rings etc then you are someone that likes to follow the trend. If you are in love with the latest Ankara designs by Vlisco and Daviva (very bright, filled with colors and floral patterns) then you must love spring (the time when nature renews itself), there’s so much I could tell you about your fabric choice and your personality but we are not here for that we are here for Ankara pictures.

Therefore, whatever your choice of Ankara fabric is you can’t run away from the final stage which is choosing the right style that would make the fabric pop. We are here to help you make that choice, here are Ankara pictures that we are sure would give mentally stimulate you to make the right decision;


Hello World

Ms West


Adetoke Oluwo






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