Happy Valentine’s day to you guys. I hope you are having such a great time already- Receiving gifts, getting calls; whatever the case hopefully you are spreading love. Our way of showing you that we love and care for you is to bring you Ankara styles selection.

Picking out clothes has a checklist which we would be sharing with you because we believe that this guide would make the standard things easier for you. Looking more attractive involves checking out this list as it would enable you to reach your potential.


  1. Your choice of clothes have to flatter your shape; anything that’s unnecessary bogus or un-fitting should be out of your closet.
  2. A second rule when it comes to picking the right Ankara style is making sure that you don’t necessarily stick to the classic cuts. The Ankara fabric doesn’t always look too good when its bland, extra additional and accessories are needed to give it a refined finish.
  3. Muted or neutrals in Ankara? Quite impossible; its all about the colors, the bold accents, the shimmers.
  4. Strategic buying is another important part of this list, why? There are different types of Ankara fabric, so you have to go for the real cotton wax because they last longer.
  5. Well tailored is the most important and that’s why we put it at the bottom of this list. If you don’t have a good tailor or you don’t get your piece from a seasoned designer then you would be doomed.

Now let’s get into some of the Ankara styles that would leave you looking and feeling stylish this month. Keep scrolling to check them out:


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Be Inspired!

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