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This year has been full of trends and you could say its a spill off of many trends that started last year however we’ve gotten better at the styles. This year alone we’ve had the statement sleeve or what many call the exaggerated sleeve, we’ve had the bell sleeve and we’ve got a whole lot of embellishments.

These trends has served us well as the Ankara fabric have been fashioned using them, at the end the finish product is nothing short of fabulous.

While there are still so many styles in our closet that we are not ready to let go off, we need to re-evaluate our closet especially the number of Ankara styles that can be found.

In Africa I can say we have it easy when it comes to our closet, we can always revamp our outfit and so we don’t necessarily need extra special clothes for whatever season, this ultimately makes re-evaluating our closet a lot more easier because at the back of our minds we know we could rock many of the pieces we find inside, year round.

This simple knowledge is also the inspiration behind us putting together an Ankara styles look book. This look-book covers the latest Ankara styles, literally.

We’ve gone through images upon images to bring you authentic Ankara styles that you can try out. Scroll down through the look book and catch on to the latest Ankara styles:


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Be inspired!!

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