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Lets face facts, Africans are gifted and we are peculiar in all ramification including the world of fashion. Admittedly we haven’t been all that great in supporting our own due to what a lot of people refer to as the “colonial complex”.

The “Colonial complex” is just a way to explain our love for all things western and lack thereof of our own. There are of cause those who would say that there are deciding factors that we ought to look at but this post is not a thesis on whether or not we have and had this complex, its more about the strides we’ve taken in breaking free.

As part of Africa, Nigeria has been a big influence in the continents growth and popularity however, our growth in the fashion industry took a while before the influence reached the diaspora.

Many Nigerians patronized the Aba industry since it was cheap and affordable but to a larger extent people choose goods from the US, UK and China over what could easily be gotten here. While the #madeinnigeria campaign has opened our eyes to the potentials of the country and continent as a whole there is still a large area that need to be covered.

So far, we do have to be thankful because this change has been a long time coming.

The famous African print fabric aka Ankara has a lot to do with this new phase that we are in, and for us at Madivas our role is to endeavor you see the fashion and beauty in rocking made in Nigeria styles which includes Ankara styles and the likes.

To motivate and show you that there are limitless Ankara styles option, here are 9 Ankara styles that would prove that the made in Nigeria and made in African campaign isn’t just a fluke;


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These Ankara styles are preternaturally… Be Inspired!!!

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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