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When you think about corporate you think about suits, tie’s, court shoe’s etc… You envision yourself wearing colors like black, ash, grey, deep blue’s etc. This generic information about how one should look in a corporate environment is archaic and should be put into the museum of our minds like all things archaic.

2017 is certainly different from the 60’s to the early 2000’s, how you ask? Well for one the Ankara fabric has received a modern punch.

Thanks to the modernization of the Ankara fabric and the flexibility of fashion, we can now boldly wear the Ankara to work without having to wait till its Friday. Undoubtedly the Ankara fabric is very active and by this I mean, the patterns and prints are bold and thus need to be toned down for work, depending on what work environment you find yourself in and so, there is need to know how well to piece your Ankara corporate ensemble together to make sure you are not the odd ball out.

Thanks to these new Ankara style inspirations for work, we are no longer forced to wear boring and dense colours to work and the good thing is that we are representing our culture and heritage as well as our economy.

Check out some cool Ankara style inspirations for work;


Hello World

Click here to download grass_fields


Click here to download kelechik


Click here to download doopie


Click here to download ironyofashi


Click here to download kikidouce


Click here to download pepperunie


Click here to download timmismart

Can you wear Ankara to work? If you can which of these Ankara styles can you wear without qualms based on your profession? Tell us in the comment section below.

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