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If you’re a regular at Nigerian weddings, you definitely are familiar with the Asoebi Squad. The word asoebi is coined from two yoruba words: “aso” and “ebi” which respectively translate to clothes and kin. Hence, asoebi literally translates to clothes of the kin. The aso ebi squad is usually a group of women who share a close relationship with the bride or her family. They range from close friends of the bride to relatives and colleagues. Interestingly the aso ebi involves a wide range of materials depending on the type of weddings as it ranges from lace, to cord or even sequin and of course, the colourful Ankara.

The Ankara squad adds a lot of glitz and glamour to a wedding. Seeing several girls in synchronised outfits adds a certain beautiful touch to weddings.  Apart from this, the Ankara squad also gives the bride a certain level of support. When it is time for the couple to dance in, her squad basically ushers her in. The aso ebi girls dance with the bride when she makes her first appearance in most  Nigerian traditional weddings, We know for a fact that the aso ebi Ankara squad is going to remain a constant fixture in Nigerian weddings. If not for anything else, because Ankara aso ebi are so good to look at so here is a lookbook of Ankara styles for the squad…

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Which of these Ankara styles can you rock with your squad? Share with us in the comment box.

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