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The shoulders are in right now, just like they were in 2009 and we are truly grateful because we’ve seen an influx of creativity that has surpassed and is still surpassing our wildest dreams. More than the mono-strap or cut-offs, the puffy sleeves is one of the main attraction for this season and it looks like a lot of fashionista’s can’t get enough of the trend.

Today we are going to throw light on the ways the puffy sleeve dress can be worn with the use of Ankara…

Since we have the ‘go ahead’ to be a little extra with our look, the best fabric to use to create the voluminous and dramatic silhouette of a puffy sleeve dress is the Ankara. The Ankara fabric which is the golden child of many designers both new and old is captivating enough not to talk about when used to create modern and futuristic statement sleeves.

The style of your Ankara puffy sleeve dress determines the way your outfit appears, it could be modern, feminine or whimsical, so the first step is to choose the right fit for your fashion preference. Many assume that a puff sleeve is stereotypical pretty and girly, we won’t deny that however we have to point out the fact that the sleeves can give you a grown-up chic, sophisticated and fierce look.

Another way you can wear your Ankara puffy sleeve dress is by making the sleeve out of a non-Ankara fabric, this is less narrow, rather it gives your attire a bit more definition than a regular Ankara puffy sleeve style.

Balancing the rounded silhouette means the sleeve should belong to a tight fitting Ankara dress as this would provide it with much structure and make sure it is balanced. You could also pull off an edgy look if you opt for a mix and match Ankara puffy sleeve dress; it gives off a stylish and polished vibe but it also defines how fierce your style taste truly is.

The Ankara puffy sleeve dress is creative and interesting so if you don’t have one today is your lucky day, scroll through the look-book to find that style that defines your personal style:


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