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Ankara inspired makeup look is the new rave. Makeup artistes are inspired by the blends of colors on this print and with this they create a good look that goes with the flow, by this I mean the total makeup look transformation is pulled from the colors on the Ankara print.

We all know the Ankara print keeps on warming its way further into our hearts and we see this print as some what of a traditional African piece so its only right to have an Ankara inspired makeup look that sure blends completely with our traditional getup. Many times people try to pull the Ankara inspired makeup look but some how fail to understand the concept along the line with this looks below is a must watch video of how to get the perfect Ankara inspired makeup look, I hope you get the Ankara inspired makeup look just right. Here is a tip; study each step carefully to understand how the makeup artiste went on to mix and blend colors together in other to get the stunning look.

This Ankara inspired makeup look tutorial is from Stella’s Addiction.

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