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We humans beings are prone to making good of a situation; when we are given lemons we make lemonades and this is the adage that best describes the history of head wraps in the american culture. During the years of slavery, the black woman wasn’t allowed to show off her hair which the Caucasian slave owners termed “nappy” and so the slaves decided to tie their hair (lets note that tying of the hair has been in existence for a lot longer).

One could say that many head wrap styles came as a result of bored slaves looking for ways to beautify their  features… Fast forward to the modern day, the head wrap is still part of the vast culture of the world as it has always been. However, with freedom of will, there are just as many reasons people tie their hair as there are many reasons people do the things they do.


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In other words because there is no restriction (at least in this part of the world), whether you choose to tie your hair or not is your own business.

While you may have grounds for deciding to wrap your hair, how you do it matters a lot. Lets remember that as fashion forward women, a lackadaisical attitude towards the little things that we add to our overall look is unacceptable. In this light, its easy to say that while you might be covering your hair, you have to do it stylishly.

How do you wrap your hair stylishly? 

For one we recommend that you use the Ankara fabric; the Ankara fabric can create a head wrap that is full and vibrant with colors and the Ankara fabric is distinct.

Ankara Head Wrap

Now, whats next?

This Ankara head wrap video tutorial would show you ways to wrap your Ankara scarf in the best possible way.

Source: Kilahmazing-YouTube Channel

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