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One very exciting thing about a lady is to take delight in seeing what she has created. Most handmade stuffs excite her. Not only does she fancy her clothes, she does that on the part of her jewelry too. wait a minute! What if you were told you have to be purely African in with your necklace this time? Sure! It’s absolutely possible. You can chip in the ankara fabric into your beautiful DIY necklace project this time.

As we all know, fabric necklaces are so much fun, super easy to make and have versatile wears. They are also very unique. Thus, you need to get creative as usual.

These are matertials needed for your ankara fabric DIY necklace project:

  •  Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Buttons or other embellishments
  • Thread in the same colour as fabric
  • Sewing needle
  • Ribbon in choice colour
  • Fabric pen (optional)
  • 1/4 yard of fabric
af1 materials


Hello World


To begin, cut out circles in various sizes from the fabric. You can take any round object in your home, place it on the fabric and trace around it with a fabric pen. Then cut out as many circles as you please, it could be a total of five in various sizes.


Step 1

On the edges of the circle, begin to fold and sew along, making sure it has the duller side of the fabric facing you.


Step 2

Then sew all the way around.



Step 3

Gently pull the thread when you arrive back the your starting position, so as to allow thefabric create folds along the edges. Create the folds as you sew along before getting to the end to make it easier to create folds at the endAfter you have a cute looking pouch, make a knot to finish up, repeat the above steps for all circle cut outs. You can arrange all of them side by side, stack some on each other or create layers of a deep V design, then sew on buttons or embellishments on the hole formed in the middle of the pouch, that is where each pouch meets each other in your design.



Step 4

Lastly, cut out two pieces of nine ribbon(2/9) and sew on the top edges of your necklace. This is the complete ankara necklace;


ankara neck

Ankara necklace


Try yours now!

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