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The world of fashion can be presented as magical at some point in our lives. The beauty of trends, art and creativity producing a monumental continuity which we refer to as “fashion” can be ethereal sometimes and other times it can be disheveling.

Try as much as we can, the subject of maintaining one’s fashion prowess has a lot to do with creativity and zest than it has to do with either of the two separately. This means you have to have a passion for looking good and you have to be creative at the same time, one cannot work without the other.

Right here in Nigeria, we already have proof that passion, creativity and hard-work pays off in fashion. Thanks to the pioneers of fashion in Nigeria who persevered and followed their dreams, today one can wake up and say with confidence that the Nigerian fashion industry has boomed.

Creativity in fashion refers to one’s original style and idea. Authenticity was one thing the pioneers of the Nigerian fashion industry strove for. The form in which they could show that they were original with their ideas was by using the Ankara fabric.

The Ankara fabric is something was an enigma for quite a while, you understand it and yet you don’t and because a lot of people didn’t have the vision to see the potential they relegated it to he back, they almost killed its potential by making it a “strictly aso ebi” material.

Fast forward to the new millennial, the Ankara fabric which people thought would fade away has made its presence known not just in Nigeria but Africa and diaspora as a whole.

With the “Ankara fabric” boom its suffice to say that the pioneers of Nigerian fashion are glad that they put in the work;

Lets get into it, these Ankara fabric and styles would make you love the Ankara fabric even more:


Hello World

Kaela Kay


Garment Factory

Mangishi Doll




Pink Flamingo

Be Inspired!

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