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Are you ever ready when the call comes calling? What’s this call am talking about you ask? 

You and babe have been dating for a bit now and then he thinks its time you meet his parents. The feeling that comes with this meeting is both one of excitement and fright. Excitement because it means your relationship means something and is heading to a good place and fright because meeting parents for the first time can cause you sleepless night.

A typical parents want the best for their kids and so many of them end up scrutinizing the person their kid brings home.

African parents however are on a league of their own, majority of them are less receptive and they always check out every single detail; for ladies they are always particular about whether or not you are respectful enough, helpful in the kitchen and whether you are dressed appropriately.

Whats the appropriate way of dressing to African parents?

To parents a modestly dressed woman is “wife material” and thus they always have their eyes out (don’t show them your Instagram page). Here’s where it gets tricky, you can’t show up looking too casual or shabbily dressed, then they’d say you have no finesse.

To be appropriately dressed is to cover up, not necessarily head to toe but you should have a look that says “ready for church or mosque” whichever the case may be.

A lot of people have failed the dress test, they just didn’t get it right and so to avoid failing (or failing again) here are some Ankara dresses that we know would impress the parents;

Grass Fields Fashion

Hello World

Phenomenl Woma




Grass Fields

These Ankara dresses are very lovely…

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