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Nigeria is such a big country but Lagos is the biggest city, there is nothing much more exciting than being in the midst of the hustle and bustle; the business of this coastal city is sometimes so surreal.

Lagos or Eko like we call it has been compared to New-York; it really covers all ramification and that includes the burst of fashion. Every of the hottest styles always start from Lagos. It’s like all the creative people are in Lagos, don’t get me wrong, there are talented people around the country but it seems they find their way to the city for one reason or the other.

Since Lagos is such a big place it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the trendiest Ankara styles of cause started and starts right from this city. Through out this month we’ve seen more Ankara designs that have left us wondering how come we couldn’t come up with the ideas ourselves.

Social media has made it very easy for us to access some of this designs but while you may do most of your shopping online, there are pop up sales that offers you affordable and fabulous Ankara designs. You can always count on these pop-ups to find something special from a selection of fantastic designers.

Lagos is a treasure trove of everything, you can find some favorite spots when you go looking around and so its not hard to find fabulous Ankara designs if you want to shop in real time; here are ideas of Ankara designs the Lagos way – show that you are one with the city;


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