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“Make yourself so happy that by looking at you others become happy” Yogi Bhajan

It’s so amazing that the above quote can mean so many things but we are going to translate it thus. As an ardent follower of MadivasMag, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that we are a promoter of happiness and we believe that one of the few things that can provide you great joy is dressing up especially in an Ankara design.

The Ankara design is embedded in our culture and heritage f*ck what it doesn’t matter what people say about the history, although that’s most certainly a need to know however, it doesn’t take away a simple fact- The Ankara material is an African Print Fabric that represents our diverse culture. And because of this we solely believe that wearing anything made from the fabric can translate to you being happy and we believe that when you are happy, it radiates and others around you become happy too and they would be happy to also be seen in an Ankara design.

Thanks to the above idea, we believe that our ardent readers ought to be the shinning light. On our part we’ve promised to bring you only the best Ankara designs and thus far we’ve kept to our word. Now it’s your turn to light the way with happiness as a gorgeous Ankara design graces your body.

Of cause we have some incredibly beautiful Ankara designs awaiting your perusal, keep scrolling to see them…


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