Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles For Would Be Brides.


The ‘Big Day’ is always an exciting prospect,i can only imagine what runs through the bride to be’s mind. There is definitely so much excitement and desire to look Fabulous and Glamorous that day and that is why the choice of a wedding hairstyle is just as important as the choice of a bridal gown and bridal makeover.

The wedding hairstyles and other bridal ensembles has to be in complete harmony ad these all have to blend in the most fascinating and sweet way. you must know that for bridal hairstyle there are a lot of options.

Every bride has her own preferences as of cause we are different individuals in our own right, so that means a bride has to think about the kind of look she would want on her wedding day whether is glamorous, natural, simple, traditional etc. Below are some glamorous and amazing hairstyles that would most definitely inspire your choice of hairstyle for your big day.


Twist, twirls and braids are wonderful for black hair and it forms part of one of the most styled of the wedding hairstyles. Twists, twirls and braid can appear, thin, voluminous and husky. Braids can sometimes appear in a contrast form which can be achieved with extensions as minimal braids are rolled up with huskier braids which forms a beautifully arranged contrast bridal hairstyle.

This bridal hairstyle is a high braided bun which slides down to the forehead is a way to glam up your braids. This is a sufficient hairstyle if you want to fix your bridal veil to the crown of your head.

bridal 1

Hello World


This bridal hairstyle is a twisted braids, braided and twisted and wrapped around  the head and pinned down with an embellished silver hair pin.

bridal 2



This bun up do, is natural hair with an attachment twisted and wrapped around a huge bun made of weave. the natural hair is kept beautiful and in place with gel. This falls into the traditional wedding hairstyle.



Wedding hairstyles for bride are traditionally believed to be simple without too many fancy hair attachments or complexity but simple up-do’s like this classy bun is a perfect bridal hairstyle, note that you don’t have to leave it looking ordinary. Choose to add flair by attaching gorgeous statement hair pieces and highlights.




Natural wedding hairstyles for brides to be has a certain charm, as it is one of the exceptional wedding hairstyles. brides look exceptionally beautiful and delightful when they go with the natural hair trend.

Here this natural hairstyle is packed up in an Afro styled way. This up-do is perfect brides with naturally full and big hair as it creates an elegant look due to its simplicity.  Stay true to the simpleness of this hairstyle by going for a minimal hair attachment like this flower hair piece.



This natural hair is packed neat and tight and pushed to the back as a weave is attached to the back and twirled into a bun, adding sparkle to this bridal hairstyle is this floral inspired hair ornament is



Bloom with your natural hairstyle by adding highlights and exotic hair ornaments. This natural hairstyle packed to the back in a bun up-do style adds vibe to a bridal look.




Short Natural hair can sometimes prove really challenging. Best thing to do is keep the look simple and appealing with head bands and hair accessories.

Here this short hair is styled with a headband with baby pink orchids, the bride keeps it simple with single stone earrings. this bridal hairstyle looks innocent yet appears extremely beautiful.

short hair


short hair makes a bride look pretty, cute and innocent no matter how much of a challenge a bride perceives the short hair once it is finally styled they end up looking adorable. it has been advised that short hair curls should not br hidden under a veil  and fresh exotic flowers provide the right flow.

short natural hair



Dreadlocks styles are beautiful and fascinating as you can play around with them.

Sometimes the best way to show case dreadlocks wedding styles is to pack them in an up-do form like this one below. Horizontal french knot is a good way to style dreads as they look very cool. keep it ornate by allowing some of them appear loose as it gives an evocative appearance.



If you have a short dreadlocks you can arrange them in a fascinating up-do like the one below which is twisted from the bottom and twirled at the top. Add hair ornaments to adorn your hair or a tiara like the one below to bedazzle your hairstyle.

dreads 2


I just had to add this bridal hair-do because it appears so easy

A lot of brides have relaxed hair and wouldn’t want to add weave, you can try out messy up-do’s like this one, this up-do is light. Add hair accessories like this  orchid flower hair piece which is of different sizes, you can also go for floral earrings like this white floral earring.


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