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When you hear yourself talk about being restless or stuck, or you find yourself frustrated by little irritations, you are probably in need of an adventure. If you hear yourself saying something like, “I wish I could do that, but …” then you are definitely overdue of a needed change.

Everyday adventures are essential because they enrich our lives and help us route our attention away from life’s hassles. They help us see things with a fresh perspective, and, perhaps best of all, they open the door for us to re-energize our lives with more fun and creativity.

Embracing the spirit of everyday adventure requires living in the present moment and waking up to the spontaneous wonders always going on around us, but in a world in which so many people micro-manage their days via laptops and cell phones, many of us are in danger of managing and multitasking all possibility of adventure right out of our lives.

Adventure goes beyond embarking on that journey you’ve always wished to embark on. You can create adventure also in the way you dress or the kind of hair you rock.

Making a hairstyle an amazing and adventurous one requires putting all forms of shyness or timidity behind and rocking that hairstyle which you feel you love, as that adventurous hair will always make you different and admired by the people around you.

Want to have an idea of amazing hairstyles for adventurous babes? Here are some;

Smooth Wave

Hello World

Curly Afro


Big Natural Bun

Curly Fade

Multiple Colored Yarn

Grey Twist

Ombre Perm Curl

African Yarn

Mat Plait

Only the adventurous ones can rock these amazing hairstyles!

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