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There are times when we’ve simply run out of patient and we decide to move on from a relationship, sometimes its a big mistake and sometimes its a necessity. I believe when two people are involved, they should be able to bare their minds heart and soul to their partner, this translates to the fact that their partner becomes their rock and no matter what happens in life they believe it would be alright as long as they have the other person by their side. Now this trait is found in relationships that have translated to love but fresh relationships are still at the bedrock of their foundation so things are a little shaky, it only takes patience and will to make it work.


Hello World

Good day ma,
My names is p****y h*******s c*******r. I am 20-21 year and my partner is 30 years and he has his masters degree and me o-level am into a relationship, i meet this guy on the 15th of November 2015. when he lose his mum. during the time of his mothers burial, he always tell me that “i should not border that he is not showing me love for now. that after his mothers burial, that he is going to show me love”.ma since December 2015-till now, he has not show it, the last time i meet him and i asked him that “why is he not yet still showing me that he love me”. he told me that he don’t want me not to be connected with God again the way i was, that if he start showing me love, that am going to pack my things to his house and i will not have time for God things again. second of February 2016, he told me that he is thinking of how the relationship is going to lead us to, he don’t normally call or text/ reply text/ chat with me/ reply or call, the last time i chat with him on the 16th of march, i asked him if he is not true of thinking of how the relationship is going to lead us to? and he said that “i ve a lot of things am working on, i still like u as u are b4. but i needed some tym to focus some of my personal pressing issues now. like I said i still like u, i always looked at ur pics on fb. u are still at heart. and i dont know what to do
please ma, i really need ur advice please ma.


Dear H*******S

First ask yourself is this man worth the wait? Is he so good to you that you would give all of you to be with him? Is he the right man for you? Do you see a future with him?. If all of your answers to this questions are negative then do yourself a favor and move on but if you have a positive answer then what you need to do is wait.

From your message, its obvious that he is in a state of trying to get his life back on track, December to march is not enough time to achieve that. All you can do is show him how much you care for him, keep on communicating and if he really likes you as much as he implies he would appreciate you and he will come around.

If after all your effort he seems unresponsive then the best step is to move on, you might not be soul mates so its better not to do something you would end up regretting.

This sister needs help darlings If you have any suggestion please share in the comment section below.

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