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Women in abusive homes don’t know how to get out and every time I wonder, Were there signs that told them this might be a no go area? Am sure some people would say the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know (or I think that’s how the saying goes) but the truth is, if your devil is an abusive devil and you are still in a relationship that you can get out of please run like the wind.


Hello World

Dear pls

I have something that has been disturbing me for long.  I have dated this guy for a year and half,  he is kind, nice and caring but he is hot tempered and he has slapped me like twice and he uses abusive words on me when he is angry and am not that free with him but I love him. The problem now is that I meant someone that treats me like an angel and is ready to marry but am confused because I still have feelings for my boyfriend and find it hard to break up with him and am scared this one might change tomorrow but he doesn’t look like that because we have been friends for a month and.  Pls I need your advice. Reply to my email

Dear Confused

There is no grey area in your situation, if your boyfriend cannot control his temper at this point then your future with him would be so much worse. How can you communicate when your self esteem is low due to the abusive words he rains on you? Communication is key in every relationship and if you can’t say what you feel or you can’t act like yourself, It is best you leave this relationship and try to find yourself before venturing into another relationship.

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