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When ladies enter into a new relationship many fail to ponder where the relationship will lead them to, rather they get engrossed and allow their emotions cloud their judgement of what is right and wrong. Turning a guy down when he has a girlfriend is as good as protecting your self worth. You shouldn’t stoop so low getting into a mistrustful relationship where you will have to leave with the guilt.


Hello World

Hi Amaka,

I’m actually in a relationship with a colleague at work, we’ve been dating since February. Though he has a girlfriend but despite me knowing i agreed to his proposal and we’ve had $3x already (countless times). Recently he asked a stupid official question, i snubbed him cos i felt that kind of question doesn’t need an answer. And now he is telling me its not my fault,,n he is not even acting like we’re dating anymore.. please what do i do?

Dear Worried

You accepting this guys proposal despite knowing he has a girlfriend what were you expecting out of the relationship? Dating a co worker is not ethical but its not unheard of. You need to differentiate between official duties and your personal life, You shouldn’t have snubbed an official question like you said.

He is acting like you are not dating anymore, Of course you were never dating you were just friends with benefit and maybe the other woman in his life. You were only helping him cheat on his girlfriend. Put yourself in his girlfriend shoes how would you feel if someone does the same to you? The deed has already been done you just have to act the same like you were never dating and go find your own man.

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